Hello Friends,

I’m so glad you found me.  We’ve been working awhile to get this site going and finally HERE IT IS!!  I plan on using this “Blog” area to share some of my experiences and deeper thoughts.  I never know who might be interested in such things, but there may be someone who just might benefit from something I share, so I’ll do it.  I have so appreciated those of you who have followed my music and ministry through the years and taken the time to write me a letter, email or message on facebook.  Of course it’s extra special when I’ve been able to meet some of you face to face.  It was back in 1971 when I first felt called to pursue music as a ministry, not just a career.  I’ve recently read some things by CS Lewis that has really encouraged me in this and given me more understanding of what it means to intentionally give our talents back to God.  One of the blogs I’ll post soon will be the talk I’m going to give when I am “ordained” on April 15th, 2018 at Calvary Chapel of Las Vegas, New Mexico, I’ll share with you those CS Lewis thoughts.   Yes….. after 47 years in ministry, I have felt that I should pursue getting “officially” ordained.  It will not really change what I do in everyday life but it will open a few doors that I’ve wanted to pursue living in Santa Fe.  More on that later.    So… I hope you drop by now and then and see what I’m up to.  I’ll still share a lot on FaceBook, but I’ll be able to go deeper here.  May it all be the God’s glory.  He HAS been good to me and taught me how to live in His love and peace.  May you grow more and more into that in your life as well.

Bless you, my friends!   Karen