Karen’s ministry has taken many different forms through the years.  Here is a list of a few of them.  If you would like to invite Karen to be part of an event you are hosting, fill out the contact form below, giving as many specifics as you can and she or one of her staff will call or email you to arrange the specifics. 

(Churches, Coffee Houses, Home Concerts, Festivals, School Assemblies, Universities,  Prisons, etc)   Many concert settings are a combination of believers and “seekers”.  Karen’s approach is casual and friendly as she shares her story songs about people and places.  Multimedia is incorporated when possible. She seeks to weave in lessons of life that people can identify with and encourage the listeners to seek the Lord in their personal situation.  The approach will vary depending on the audience and setting.  With Christian audiences she always includes performance songs as well as worship.
(Churches, Home Groups, Schools, etc)  This is one of the main things Karen does these days.  Karen sometimes brings musicians along, but often works with the local musicians which can be a lot of fun.  With a bit of planning, this can work great.
(YWAM Schools, Women’s Groups, Home Groups, Seminars, Conferences, Christian schools, etc)   Karen has had many years of experience as she has been a music minister and missionary around the world.  She loves to impart some of the lessons learned along the way.  Much of her teaching has been one on one mentoring, but she also is a speaker who uses both Biblical principles and her music to communicate the message.  Here are a few of the subjects she has taught — “Learning to Seek First the Kingdom of God: Personal Testimony”, “Serving through Music”,  “Single and Content – Only with God’s Help”, “Ethnodoxology – Releasing the Nations to Worship”,  “Worship Leading – Musical, Spiritual, Practical”, “Ministering through the Arts”, “The Heart of a Worshiper”, “Songwriting”
Karen does not charge a certain fee.  It is helpful if the host can cover the cost for travel and provide food and lodging while she is at the ministry location.  She would ask that the sponsoring church or organization pray about what/if they should donate toward her ministry.  A love offering at the event is also acceptable.  She knows that some invitations may come from places that would be considered “missions” and she may need to cover all of her own travel.  With all invitations, she will ask the Lord if this is where He would want her to go minister.  If she feels a “yes”, she is confident that the Lord will supply the finances.

For booking or any other information, feel free to contact us: