“Thank the Lord! Praise his name! Tell the world about his wondrous love.  How mighty he is!”                                       Isaiah 12:4

Hymns From the Heart

Band : ,
Title : Hymns of the Heart
Release Date : November 14, 1995
Label :
Format : CD

Margaret Lafferty and I are “sisters” in the Lord and “sisters-in-law.”  Both of us were raised on Southern Baptist songs, and our early love of traditional hymns continues today, as you will hear through this collaborative album.  Margaret spent more than three decades playing piano at Bellevue Baptist Church under Pastor Adrian Roger’s in Memphis, Tennessee.  She accompanies me on eight songs and I sing one a cappella.   Margaret plays another ten songs as piano solos; her personal arrangements, for a total of nineteen ageless hymns. David Hampton added warmth to our arrangements with his synth strings. Our prayer is that listeners will appreciate the richness of these ‘good ol’ songs.’  Their messages reveal the everlasting truths of a loving God.  May this music draw you into His presence and minister to your spirit.

Listen to some of the songs on this album: