“Thank the Lord! Praise his name! Tell the world about his wondrous love.  How mighty he is!”                                       Isaiah 12:4

Bird in a Golden Sky

Band :
Title : Bird in a Golden Sky
Release Date : May 12, 1975
Label : ,
Format : CD

To some of you, this music will bring back some precious memories of how God was working in your life in those “Jesus Movement” days.  Others may be hearing these songs for the first time.This was my first record with Maranatha! Music.  I enjoyed working with Peter Jacobs, my producer, and playing my sax, oboe and guitar.  My songs often tell stories as heard in heard in Bobbi’s Song about a friend who I led to Christ and Grandma Stout my hero of the faith, Satie Stout, my grandmother. Many songs were written to reach out to my generation with God’s love. Listen with your heart to God’s truth…  The music was from a different era….  But God’s Truth never changes.

Listen to some of the songs on this album: