“Thank the Lord! Praise his name! Tell the world about his wondrous love.  How mighty he is!”                                       Isaiah 12:4

Life Pages – Love of the Ages

Band :
Title : Life Pages - Love of the Ages
Release Date : April 20, 1980
Label : ,
Format : CD

Remembering our Lives…  Remembering Jesus’ Life…
“Life Pages – Love of the Ages” was the title I chose for this recording as I sought to bring out the truth of two realities…  The first is that “Every Life” is a story.  Some will end in Glory… forever in God’s presence… and some will feel like they never belonged anywhere.  We all have good times and hard times.  Some experience peace, no matter what, and others grow into a sad bitterness.  The second truth is the eternal truth that God’s love has been present throughout the ages.  He’s always been there for any of us who will call on Him. “And we’ll all live together in the house of the Lord, We’ll all live forever, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord.”

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