Through the years YWAM Santa Fe has offered music training. This summer Karen will be leading a six week music intensive called The Santa Fe Summer Music Workshop from May 31st through July 11th. Those interested in finding out more should click on Musicians For Missions at the top of this page which will take you to the Musicians for Missions home page. There click on Schools and Opportunities which will go to the info on the music workshop. Don’t hesitate to contact Karen through this website for any questions.


Our Musicians for Missions website has now been replaced by YWAMSantaFe.org

Karen Lafferty Teaching/Concert tour

Australia ~ Kuala Lumpur~ India

My tour has been very good so far. I really enjoyed meeting and teaching the five students in the School of Music in Missions in Perth, Australia. They were from Switzerland, New Zealand, Tanga, USA and Australia. A talented bunch whose love for the Lord shows. I taught on Cultural Restoration and Evangelism. Had a good time of ministry to the homeless in the streets one day too. Pray for them as they finish up the training phase and go to Northern Australia and then to Nagaland, India on outreach.
I had to have an overnight stopover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on my way to India. My friend Benny Prasad connected me with some Indian friends of his there, Georgina & John Fernandez-Peter, who hosted me. They really spoiled me. On Sunday morning I was able to minister at the New Creation Revival Church. It’s such a blessing to be able to see what God is doing all over the world. I get a little glimpse as I see the love of Jesus in these brothers and sisters.
My next stop was Bangelore, India where I was teaching in the SOMM lead by Thanga Nohro. This was another great week connecting with some musicians who really love the Lord and are hungry to learn more how to serve him.
An extra blessing was to meet Brian Garland who is a Southern Baptist Ethnomusicologist missionary. Brian had taught music history in the SOMM. This time I taught on Culture, booking and touring and the history of contemporary Christian music.